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The ENGINYERS BCN has a wide range offer of quality services focusing on the entire group, and also on society.

Among this wide range of services offered are those relating to freelancers, ongoing training and professional selection procedures.

The Association also hosts a series of social and cultural activities that contribute to build cohesion within the group and to offer solutions to concerns going beyond those strictly relating to the profession.

Visa related services

The Association deals with the needs of its members working with engineering documents and projects requiring a visa from a professional association.

Tecnovisado 2.0 is a technological platform that, through an electronic signature device, allows it to issue visas from the professional office 24/7.


Activities, courses and conferences held at the different facilities of the CETIB. Technical visits to companies are also arranged.

On a quarterly basis, a list of courses and another one on conferences and activities is published, which is then sent out to the members. These lists are also available on the web.

Professional assessment

Legal, tax and work assessment for all issues related to the professional activities of a technical industrial engineer.

The Technical Secretariat of the Association also offers technical guidance for issues relating to regulations, laws and municipal bylaws, etc.

Professional Selection Procedures and Job Bank

The Association provides information and guidance on looking for a job through a personal assessment service. It also provides aid to insertion into the workplace and personal professional improvement services and publishes job offers.

The Association offers a professional selection procedure to companies looking for a Technical Industrial Engineer, ranging from free publishing of an add on the job bank to a complete selection procedure.

Technical documentation service

The Association has a compilation of all the laws and regulations in force relating to those working in the field of technical industrial engineering. This service also has a bibliographic fund as well as subscriptions to technical magazines.

Guide of professionals

The Guide of Professionals is a public service that supplies contact details for professional and the activities carried out by technical industrial engineers registered with this service.

Measurement equipment rental service

This service offers a range of measurement devices to make the tasks of verification and certification carried out by professionals easier.

Discount with partner institutions

The Association has signed agreements with over 30 leading companies and bodies in the area that offer advantages and discounts to the members of the association and to students who have not yet become members.


The Association offers the possibility to take out any kind of insurance policy at the best rates and with the best coverage. It also makes the professional civil liability insurance available to all professionals; it makes procedures easier and offers the necessary information to become a member of the Mutualidad de Previsión Social de Peritos e Ingenieros Técnicos Industriales (MUPITI).

Social and cultural activities

Visits, concerts, exhibitions and events organized by the CETIB, as well as institutional acts such as the Day of the Profession and the Day of the Association.

A quarterly cultural program is published and sent to the members of the Association. This program is also available on the web.

Work commissions

These commissions deal with the main areas affecting technical industrial engineering, as well as leisure and cultural activities.

The following commissions exist currently: Social Aid, Culture and Sports, Retired Engineers, Engineers working in Engineering Actions, Freelancing, The Environment, Energy and Safety, Quality, Company Ties and Safety against Fires and Emergencies. Also, the articles of incorporation of the Association establish the commissions for Professional Ethics and Auditing.


Free monthly issue of the magazine Theknos and the weekly electronic bulletin to all members and students who have not yet joined the association, containing information on the association and the profession.

Every year the magazine Tecnodebats is published. This magazine deals with monographic issues that are of social interest. Also, books and technical handbooks are regularly published on issues relating to the profession.


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